Friday, May 6, 2011

My second day

Yay, it's Friday! We get momma home for a few days. She seems to needs lots of purrs lately. We all have been missing the sun, so we have been trying to cheer her up.

Back to my story:

6:00 am Saturday May 2, 2003

I finally fell asleep. I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and bacon cooking. Lucinda and Moe wee in the kitchen asking for breakfast. I was hungry myself, but I stayed under the couch. Momma got down on the floor and asked me how I was doing. I sniffed her fingers and she patted me unde rmy chin. She said she had to go to work, and would see me later. She and daddy left, and the house was quiet.

Daddy came back, drank his coffee, did the dishes, and watched tv. After a while, he came over and asked me when I was coming out. He even tried to lift up on end of the couch, but I moved to the other end. He did this a couple of times, and finally gave up. "Your momma will know how to get you out," he said. I could hear the other cats laughing. Moe could hardly contain himself, "Ha, ha, ha. Lucinda, we had better do something to distract daddy." "I know what he likes," giggled Lucinda. "I will jump up and purr in his ear."

Daddy left again and brought momma back home. He had told her about his attempts to get me to come out. She told daddy to lift up the couch again. This time she grabbed me before I could run.

To be continued.


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  1. Carmela we have really enjoyed reading your story so far. We remember you from your previous blog too! It is funny how it's always the Mummies who know how to get us out of hidey holes. We didn't realise that you were reunited with your sister either, that's wonderful!

    Whicky Wuudler