Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hello everyone!

Thank you for reading along as I revisit my first days in my new home.

Back to the story:

"Leave me alone, " I yelled. "I'm staying here!" I crawled back under the couch as far as I could go. My eyes shot lasers at the offender. Lucinda sighed and said, "Now look what you've done. I know you are excited to see Scandalous, but I told you to wait."

The bigger cat nervously licked his paws. "I'm sorry, I thought she would remember me."

"It's okay, Moe. She just needs time and we need to be patient. This here first night away from all she has known. We will let Momma work her magic to get her out."

Moe looked hopeful, "You're right, Lucinda. I will leave her alone. She knows you better, anyway."

Lucinda started walking towards the bedroom and turned to say, "Remember this. All the males she has known were stud cats and not very friendly. Once she gets to know you better, she will be your best friend." She headbutted under his chin. "Come on, Moe. Let's go to sleep. Momma has to get up in a few hours."

To be continued.


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